Patrick celebrates Thanksgiving early
Governor Deval Patrick took a break from his public school tour on Sunday to volunteer at the Boston Rescue Mission, an overnight shelter and soup kitchen that serves more than 28,000 people a year. The Governor helped serve thanksgiving meals to those in need and collected hundreds of pounds of food from the public for the Mission. Other volunteers included MLB World Series Champion and MVP David Ortiz, actor and native Bostonian Mark Wahlberg, and Massachusetts born comedian Dane Cook.
*Photo courtesy of CBS Boston
Patrick goes on school tour
This week, Governor Deval Patrick will be visiting some of our country’s schools in order to show his support for his campaign’s newly proposed education and child poverty programs.

Governor Patrick will be visiting elementary, middle and high schools that serve the country’s poorest populations in an effort to understand and see firsthand the challenges that the schools and communities face. He will be visiting schools in Pittsfield, MA; Milwaukee, WI; North Charleston, SC; Chicago, IL; Youngstown, OH; Highland Park, MI; Little Rock, AZ; Poughkeepsie, NY; and Oakland, CA.

“These are young, bright kids that have a lot of potential,” said the Governor. “We need to equip both students and teachers with the appropriate resources
to help them succeed.”

Governor Patrick’s campaign has proposed a budget that calls for an increase in primary and secondary education spending. He will focus on programs that will help students and families who live in these types of communities. Programs like the Educational Assistance Act, which will focus on applying grants and other funds to schools in need of educational assistance, and the Educational Equilibrium Fund, which will balance the funding for each school regardless of the income of the school’s neighboring residence are proposed for the education system itself. Further programs have been created to help children under the poverty level in more practical ways, such as safe transportation to school, affordable childcare for parents, and scholarships.

This is part of Governor Patrick’s focus of improving the standard of living for lower-middle and lower class citizens.

“The gap between rich and poor in our country is growing as we speak, and one huge way that we can combat this is through education,” said the Governor.
patrick2 patrick1
Governor Patrick dominates the MSNBC debate

Governor Deval Patrick: “We the Patrick Campaign, we’ll be honest. We don’t feel as though we’re in any position to say that we are better than any other candidate. …But we can…guarantee an improvement in America’s education. We can guarantee economic growth. We can guarantee that we will pull the gap between the rich and poor and that’s what we’re all about. So we’re not going to sit and say that ‘I’m better because of this and that’. We haven’t done anything yet but we will if you elect us as president.”

On November 5th, 2013, MSNBC invited the presidential candidates for 2016 in a debate about their goals and policy proposals if elected as the next President. Amongst the candidates was Governor Deval Patrick whose passion for education reform and improving the lives of children in poverty outshone the rest of the candidates. Showing humor, dedication, humbleness, and eloquently conveying his ideas to make America a better country, Governor Patrick demonstrates strong characteristics of a great leader for the free country. MSNBC tweets in agreement, “At today’s talk show, among the Democratic candidates, Deval Patrick had a strong showing.”


Support Governor Deval Patrick! 

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